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You can update your details on our system at any point. What you need to do is click on the Admin Dashboard. This is to update your instructor details. If you go to Management and then Edit Instructor Profile in the orange icons, it will come up with a form which resembles the form that you signed up with when you became a ProTrainings instructor. If your details are wrong, you can over-type what is in the form with the correct details. As you scroll down, you will see there are boxes that you can also click to update your preferences. The first one on there is "I want to be publicly viewable for skill evaluations." This is if somebody has done a CPR BLS course or something similar online and then they wish to have a skill evaluation. This enables them to find your details via our ProCourses website and select you as one of the people that they'd like to approach for a skill evaluation. They will then give you a call and you can arrange that personally with them. You put in the details there to say that you want to be acceptable for that and a bit further down, it gives you the price that you charge to do a skill evaluation for them.

There is also a section on there to say that you want to be accepted for daily rate work. This is if we are contacted directly at ProTrainings via a company and they ask us to deliver some training for them. We will put this back out to our instructors and our network of instructors that have selected that they want day rate or be approached to see if they wish to deliver that. You just click the Yes button there. You put in the price that you would normally charge for day rate work, 150 I think at the moment is the average rate that goes in there.

And there's a section here to apply for message alerts. These come directly through to your mobile phone. You get a 90-day free trial. So, if you wanted to do that you click start trial and then it will take your details through for payment for after the 90 days are up so that you continue to receive text messages. This is the quickest way to get the alerts. People who have it by email sometimes get in touch with us to find that the job has already gone, because somebody has actually dealt with it where it has just popped straight through to their phone. So, this is a good thing to do. You just put in there the mobile phone that you want it to text through to and then you can apply for the job directly via your mobile phone. Right. Okay. So, after that all you do is you click the Update Information button at the bottom of the screen, and that will save any information that you've just saved.