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When you become an instructor with us, you will automatically get an instructor dashboard. I find the best way to log into that is via protrainings.eu as from this page you can also see all of our courses and the information on our courses. So, I'm logging in today at www.protrainings.eu/info/protrainings_qualifications. This brings up all the ProTrainings qualifications, and you can simply click on the link to find out more about each course, how many CPD hours they have, and the course content, and what the certificate looks like.

In the top right-hand corner, there's a button and it says log in. If we click there we can then enter our instructor dashboard information. So, you enter your username that you would have set up when you started the account. If you forget this, or if you forget your password, just give us a call on 01206 805359 and we can always reset this for you. Or, there is a button there where you can also reset it yourself.

And this will take you to your admin dashboard. So, you will see that there are some tabs at the top of the page, you've got your training dashboard, which is where you will do your own personal training as an instructor. You will do your free online courses there, and any other course that you choose to do with ProTrainings.

There is also your admin dashboard, and this is where you'll run your business from. So, this is where you will set up your classrooms, manage your students, everything on this page here. There is also the "My Account" tab where you can update your email address, and things like that if that should ever change. You have got any messages that we wish to send you in the speech bubble there, and it will flag up saying if there are any other unread messages, and any alerts to things that you might need to do such as your annual skill evaluation, or your first aid at work, if that is shortly expiring. Then you have got all the subsections and for the icons that form below the page, which if we scroll down you can see they are there. They are all different colours, and you can choose what you need to do from each of those by clicking on them.