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Our Paediatric blended course is a very good course to offer. Childminders need a 2 day 12-hour course but they do not have the time to spend away from work or home for 2 days.  With our blended course, they attend only one day to cover the practical and one day online. The rule with this course is that they complete the online part first 

With this course and our other Paediatric courses, they receive a free student manual as well as a free child accident book, both available to down load instantly. 

Blended courses are available in many subjects including:

  • Paediatric First Aid
  • First Aid at Work
  • EFAW
  • Basic Life Support
  • Sports First Aid
  • Outdoor First Aid
  • FPOS, FROS and responder courses
  • Advanced Pet First Aid
  • And many other subjects